What we are about

About SeDAR

SeDAR is a 4-year program carried out in four project areas within the state of Selangor.  Two of the areas focus on landslides while the other two on floods.

what we aim to do


The SeDAR programme aims to equip local governments as well as community leaders with the skills and know-how to build a disaster risk reduction (DRR) program at the grassroots level, from the bottom up.  This community-oriented approach towards DRR is an important step towards building disaster-resilient communities.

This program takes a unique approach to community engagement by:

  • instilling a science-based understanding of disaster risks among the community leaders, members and local authorities, and
  • having them work together to develop DRR activities and programs that are best suited to their understanding and needs.

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Key Concepts of the Project

Understanding of disaster risks by local community leaders

To create awareness and understanding of disaster risks among local governments and communities

Leadership and ownership by stakeholders to lead DRR projects

To give ownership of the programme to the communities, which will continue sharing the knowledge with others

Ensure sustained continuity of the programmes

To ensure that the programmes are continued and sustained by the local government and communities


Programme Phases

There are five phases of the programme:


Understanding risk with scientific evidence and analysis


Training the local leaders


Increase knowledge of communities on disaster risks and preparedness


Plan and implement DRR activities by communities


Localise and sustain programme